just __ here and do not go around.为什么要接stay?而不填to stay?staying?stayed?谢谢. introduction to 和introduction of的区别? she knew old people became sad in their ways and don't like to be told what to do he________live in the country than in the cityA prefersB likes better toC had betterD would rather 361.Phil has already finished his report ,so he ____work on it any more.A.needn't B.mustn't C.need D.must I donnot agree to the plan,nor(neither) do Tom.用nor 和neither introduction to和 introduction of用法有什么区别? the number of wild horsese on Assateague is increasing lately,resulting in over grazaed marsh and dune grasses.这句话答案给的是is错了,是要改成are么?还有一句话 The total thickness of the ventriculat walls of the heart are about thr What on earth am I expecting or waiting for?What on earth am I expecting or waiting for? mike has already finished his report,so he () work on it any moreA.needn'tB.doesn't needC.needn't toD.not need to I don't catch your words 和I could't catch your words 那个对? Stand Here With Me 歌词 单复数的问题自考-专升本-英语-模拟试题 请注意,我不是请您帮忙做下面的选择题,而是就这个题目本身提出疑问 :) 把后面的题目也打出来,是便于您更好地理解我的问题. Fill in the blanks with on what can you see on the earth?怎么回答回答个简单点的 动脑筋(what goes around the world -----)what goes around the world and stays in a corner? -Sorry,I didn't catch your words.-I asked____.A.if the party will start at 7:00B.what the train would leaveC.how much the toys costD.what did you do that Yuo'er not here with me 翻译 名词单复数问题人们的种族身份 people‘s ethnic identity identity需要用复数吗?我觉得应该用复数 可是网上看 很多都是单数 另外 我想说移民改变他们的名字 immigrants change their name name需要复数吗 Why you are always on the line? what on earth do you do?是什么意思? it was the way( )he walk ( )makes people laughA.which,that B.taht ,whichC.taht,taht第一个空是强调句,用taht.第二个空为什么是taht? how do you deal with conflict between your teammates请用英语回答此问题 Examiners who are()o favorites are criticized by many peopleA.indifferent B.similar C.equivalent D.partialExaminers who are______to favorites are criticized by many people不好意思,to打掉了 关于单复数问题Celebrities usually become distinguished for an outstanding ability,like extraordinary writing or sining gifts,apt to reward them with a respectable income.其中Celebrities是复数,后面为什么用an ability单数?gifts,又 As long as you are in my life.什麽意思? 英语翻译同题 There is,as the old saying goes,and not much for the virtuous either.这个怎么翻译? hair的意思 英语翻译这里的only怎样解释?是一种什么用法吗? I'd love you to want On his return to work,they were very glad.改错 ____the piane will arrive on schedule remains unknown. A.if Bthat Cwhether Dwhen求解、为什么 a hair的意思是什么? There is a big bus on the road.否定句怎么改 We haven't seen him ( )A.yesterday B.two years age C.the day after tomorrow D.for many weeks原因说清 the world goes round and 在歌里听见的. the plan will arrive on schedule remains unkonwnA.if Bthat Cwhether Dwhenthe plan will arrive on schedule remains unkonwn这句子不是已经完整了么?可以用that啊,为什么用whether啊? 急需《数理统计学导论》(Introduction to Mathematical Statistics)(ROBERT V.HOGG & ALLEN T.CRAIG)英文第5版 doc fdp 格式的 名词单复数问题?the boys put pu their tent in the middle of a field 请问tent 为什么不用复数形式? yesterday l went to school___a taxi because it was raining.这里是填in 还是on求详解,还有他们的区别 you can go ahead tell she loves to cook for company.里面company是什么意思?是聚会、集会的意思么? when will him plane arrive哪里错了然后改成什么 I DO WHAT I WANT WHEN I WANT请问意思是?I DO WHAT I WANT WHEN I WANT 请问这句话的中文意思是什么? Close your you can say anything you want to say here,for you.这段英文是什么 意思 把goes,world,the,in,circles,round连词成句 这里的brief什么意思?1.Employees are briefed once a month by a top executive on sales and production goals Barry can play ping-pong very w_____ 把补全单词 求翻译Introduction Beijing Botanical Garden,lying in the foot of the West Hill of Beijing,has by keep your mouth _____(close) You can call me Simon.(对划线部分提问,划线部分是Simon) 求题目是My English Study Plan 的作文,150字左右 what do you think of his suggestion we all attend the meeting?A,which b,whether c,that d,what 我知道是定语从句 但不缺少成分为什么选that? My grangparents exercises twice a week to stay h____ close your mouth,there’s no----------横向上让填一个词,怎么填,大哥们,只让填一个词 Those are red apples (改为同义句) please give luch the pen(改为同义句) i wanna ride with 英语阅读理解 If you think something sounds fishy,it means___Americans use many expressions about fish and fishing.For example,if something sounds fishy,it may not be true.Sometimes I feel like a fish out of water when I go to a party and everyo every day the old man exercises and wants to stay fit.此句中stay怎么译,它是什么词性,后面能跟形容词,是系动词吗 You give me close your mouth and go out!的意思.快. what goes around THE WIRLD IN A CORNER这句话什么意思 保护藏羚羊公益语 连词成句:the,he,writes,show,TV,my,for,aunt. 求Introduction to Computing Systems第二版的英文电子书!Introduction to Computing Systems:From Bits & Gates to C & Beyond,2EYale N.Patt,Sanjay J.Patel so you should close your mouth! 没有be 动词 也能用 ing形式 的情况brushing your hair regularly will help it grow .为啥这里brush能直接加ing?我只要 基本 准确 了解.可以举些例子. 保护藏羚羊的宣传标语 英语整句 he show writes TV the for my aunt急 A Introduction to Database Systems作者是谁 no sooner ……than的用法及同义的词组 She couldn't sleep last night,___explains why she was in such a bad mood this morningA whichB for whichC whenD to which 请你提出两点关于保护藏羚羊的建议 He writes the TV show for my aunt. pandas baby people if they them find take away alone feel 组句子 lake,there,a,here,is,big (.)连词成句 高中英语She couldn't sleep last night,___explains why she was in such a bad mood this morning.A which B for which C when D to which我觉得是选B.因为没缺主语吧.She couldn't sleep last night应该就是主语. 请你为更好的保护藏羚羊提两条建议 He(A) writes(B) the TV show(C) to(D) my aunt .哪里错了? If people find the bady pandas alonealone 修饰people还是the baby pandas It is light.It travel aruond the world but still stays in one corner.What it is?智力测试 she couldn't go to sleep that night,and wrote the details about the _________moment.forget 的适当形式 3.do you know whats the p_____of a ticket from ChongQing to Shanghai by air? -What do you think of his report?-I like__ of what he said.A more B manyC lot D much Capitalism is what people do if you leave them alone Light travels ______ in the world 横线的地方应该填什么啊 when you answer the phone,you should _____ first 为保护藏羚羊提两个建议 My mother took me to the forbiden city yesterday.变一般疑问句 He often gets up and________at 6∶00 in the morningA.wash B.is washing C.washes D.to wash what on earth are you? how should I answer theb phone?you should() A.say,”Good-bye" B.SAY,”Excue me." C.say,“hello a fter z had_______quick breakfast l hurried to school2.the went to______people'spark but we both went to_______poople's cinema yesterday.3.l think _______maths is more impor tant than any other sudj ect.4.l often watch_______tv in ____evening.5.japa 1.I will be a teacher.2.he will play basketball this afternoon.3.They will clean the classroom a...1.I will be a teacher.2.he will play basketball this afternoon.3.They will clean the classroom after school翻译句子并把句子改为否定句和 He often gets up and_____ at 6:00 in the morning.(A.wash B.washes C.washing) breakfast ,Nancy ,to,rice,for,had,yesterday,eat连词成句 How to manage a company Or how should one manage a company 过几天有个英文面试,碰到这种题怎麼答阿,至少要讲2分钟, after ___quick breakfast I hurried to school.空中为什么要填a?三餐前不是应该不加任何冠词么? They are going to the cinema 对画线部分题问 one of 连词成句.eat.many.rice.people.their.for.lunch._____________________. _____ ______ ______(似乎,好像) he has finished his work