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get around 和 go around 的区别是什么?麻烦举下例子!麻烦详细些 F N D get around 、get about 需求函数D=f(p)中的f代表的是什么意思?这个我清楚, get around中文意思 anxious和worried都可以作为焦虑讲,但是有什么区别?(是不是可以把anxious理解为急切的那种心情,而w...anxious和worried都可以作为焦虑讲,但是有什么区别?(是不是可以把anxious理解为急切的那种心 英文好的朋友帮看看求Norah Jones - Not Too Late的歌词 中文翻译谢谢 Is it that museum__ they'd like to visit during their trip to Japan?答案填that想不通为什么 诺拉琼斯Norah Jones 有什么好听歌曲?推荐几个?一定要经典 天书奇谈X,D,打错`是X,D,L,比如他说一个龙160X是什么意思 英语翻译Stuart:]What a waste,I could've been your loverWhat a waste,I could've been your friendPerfect love is like a blossom that fades so quickWhen it's blowing up a storm in MayTravel south until your skin turns,womanTravel south until your sk 英语翻译If you can imagine it,you can achieve it; If you can dream it,you can become it.最好翻译成4段话,然后再诠释它的想表达的含义。 cjp international pte ltd 是什么意思?还有 a member of the c.j.petrow group是什么意思 谢谢了`` strapex international pte ___they often see Beijing opera?yes,___week It's fun to make a t______of China by bike.You can see many piaces of interest. visit the last week I watched a soap anxious 和worried 的区别 anxious和 worried的 异同 casio手表背面DY是什么意思 用worried anxious造一个句子体现其区别 CASIO手表表盘背面的字是 2328 ARG-500 2328那几个数字用一个长方形小框框住的,这是什么型号的?属于什么系列的?大约价格怎么样啊? The best of the local high school.这句话有语法错误吗? Dave,where is your father?Oh,my father _ London.He _ yesterday.A.has been to,will leaveB.has gone to,leftC.has been to,left nervous和tension 区别 where is your father?—oh,___ a.here he comes.where is your father?—oh,___a.here he comes.b.here comes he我觉得选B,请指教 tense与 nervous之间有什么区别可互换使用吗? 英语翻译Too often young people get themselves employment quite by accident,not knowing what lies ahead in the way of opportunity of promotion (提升) ,happiness and security (安全) .As a result,they are employed doing jobs that afford them lit tenset 与nervous有什么区别? Get 波函数中的 s p d f 指的是什么?它们有什么意义?